Mobile & Static Security

Site security can be a high priority for any organisation. We are experts at helping clients secure their sites and the valuable assets they contain.

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Tailored solutions

We carry out a full risk assessment of each site and make a careful analysis of your needs. This takes into account location, scale, potential threats, as well as budget. We offer you security solutions that will prove valuable to you. Our solutions can be mobile or static and often involve a combination of the two.
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Mobile security

Mobile solutions can be cost-efficient and highly effective. Solutions are usually car or motorcycle-based and involve security professionals either patrolling predefined locations or responding to calls and alarms. As such, they can offer a visual deterrent over a potentially large area. Vehicles, when used properly, can also provide an ideal platform for discreet counter-surveillance as well as enabling us to respond rapidly to distress calls.
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Static security

Static security can be anything from a lone security guard standing outside a property to a fully integrated multi-site solution. This is ideal in situations where threats have already been identified, providing both an effective visual deterrent and a physical human barrier, as well as an invaluable source of situational intelligence. Our team is skilled in protecting perimeter access points, areas with low visibility and remote or displaced items of value.

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